Not on the Main Street, has jewellery and Scottish gifts available to view in-store..Why not come and visit us in Dunkeld, Perthshire in the Heart of Scotland.

Jewellery & Luxury gifts

Not on the Main Street is a luxury boutique for artisans and creatives using traditional methods to produce Silver and enamel Jewellery, and small limited edition, Luxury gifts. We are based in the heart of the Scottish highlands, in the deep wooded countryside village of Dunkeld.  We strive to showcase the best in fine quality hand made luxury items. WE PRIDE OURSELVES in SOURCING LOCAL HANDMADE PRODUCTS, reducing our carbon footprint & mass production.

About Sharon

I am lucky to have lived in various parts of Scotlands rural countryside. I began in the small seaside town of Helensburgh, situated by highland misty mountains and lowlands of the lochs of Loch Lomond, to now living in the deep-seated woodlands of the village of Dunkeld, Perthshire. I can be found walking my dog through the woodlands and along the banks of the River Tay. Sketching, and photographing the everchanging scenes which surround me.


Not alot of people know about Charles Rennie Mackintosh 's wife Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, and her sister. I strongly believe Charles was highly influenced by their art nouveau style. I have been inspired by their work with attention to detail and art nouveau style. My designs are influenced by this and the natural influence of the ever-changing nature that surrounds me.

I have always been creative, Studying art & design through Schooling to attendance at Glasgow School of Art. I am always searching for new jewellery classes to advance my skills. I feel we never stop learning. 

Commissions - your bespoke jewellery

I offer a jewellery commission service to deal with that time when you need an extra special gift, such as birthday, engagement or anniversary. Jewellery can be designed with individuality which holds precious memories, and lasts forever.